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Basil Hall Editions has relocated to two new locations after 16 years in Darwin in the Northern Territory. From 2013, we have been at 104 Duncan St, Braidwood, NSW 2622 and we also have our silkscreen workshop operational in Canberra at 95 Sherbrooke St, Ainslie, ACT 2602.

Several hundred artists over the last 28 years have enjoyed working with Basil and his printers in a professional environment where your needs come first. Now we run workshops throughout Australia by invitation and in Greece.

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  1. lauren catanchin
    8 years ago

    Found your site while looking for presses or somewhere to edition some prints in melbourne. Your studio and the work you do sound so great, especially your work with remote communities. I’m on the road next year going round aus and will definitely come visit your studio in person. In the meantime, Do you edition prints for interstate,and roughly how much would this be? I need them for an exhibition in september. Love the site, keep it up. Cheers.

    1. Basil
      3 years ago

      Sorry about the slow reply. Email and phone are the best way to contact us. I only just noticed this old one of yours alas.I certainly edition for people interstate so keep me in mind. And by all means come and visit if you are up this way. Apologies for not seeing your note. I’ve been on the road doing 6 interstate workshops in July-August.

  2. Tim Kelly
    7 years ago

    Basil I can’t find details of the 2013 Skopeles program. Tim kelly

  3. Kathryn Kershaw
    6 years ago

    Hi Basil, Just to let you know that I am in Athens and will be arriving in Skopelos tomorrow. 24-5-2013 The bus and ferry dont leave Athens till 4 pm. So hence the ferry arrives around 11pm. Can you let our host know of my late arrival. If you are able to pick me up then that would be good otherwise I will take a taxi. Ciao, Kat Kershaw PS my i pad couldnt send you this message for some reason. see you late tomorrow. hope this arrives to you in time. ta kat

  4. bill
    5 years ago

    why is your email a secret on this site?

    hello basil

    isn’t it time you started thinking about doing a tour with me? you are always too busy, so lets plan one now for later this year. it fits in so well with your existing activities. if there is anyting you would like me to advertise on my website, please let me know.


    Bill Zammit

    1. Gendis
      5 years ago

      Hi Basil,great to hear all is so go go! What a tough life the best of all worlds cool Aust, warm Aust and Greece!Hope to catch you in Canberra/Braidwood or Dwn, soiemtme soon??Kindest regards,Denise & Neil

  5. catherina de solieux
    3 years ago

    Hi Basil I have paid deposit 500.00 for workshop in greece sept could you book me into the accommodation at the studio from 5th to the 17th sept i.e. one dat ex either side of the workshop and please email me back that you have received this thanks catherina de solieux 0488999076

  6. Christine Colton
    3 years ago

    Hi Basil I Would really like to keep updated with any news of Skopelos workshops in September 2017 – Christine

  7. Pauline Fraser
    2 years ago

    Hello Basil,
    Am a printmaker.. intaglio. Love to do a workshop. What one’s do you have planned for 2017? Greece?

  8. Rosalind Gowans
    2 years ago

    Hi Basil do you have the date of workshops in Skopelos in 2018 yet as Edith at the Firestation says they’re just great!



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